"With a few strokes, using a much too large paint brush, Jamie captures the style, movement, gesture, and mood of his subject. -Martin Jori (art collector, New York/Switzerland) 

Influenced by the rich and fearless colors of his youth in the 1970's, Jamie's palette is balanced with pastels that came into his work after attending the Ringling College of Art + Design in Florida. 

Drawing from his life experience it was merging with Eastern Philosophy that gave Jamie the confidence to develop his own style. He began researching Abstract Expressionists and painting large scale pieces. He embraces the modern street art movement and finds himself doing many murals as canvases.​Soon Jamie was traveling to Europe and discovering the culture and places that fostered this style. He found painting in Provence to be his favorite where the light is so muted and easy to see furthering his sense of color. ​When Jamie is not traveling and painting he enjoys being inspired by his children and the natural landscape and farmland of Vermont and it's hardworking people. You can often find him building tea houses and doing sculpture out in the forests he has loved since his youth.

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